Kapture KPT-910 DLX Series In-CAR Dash Camera with Instant GPS, WiFi and APP Support


Kapture KPT-910 DLX Series In-CAR Dash Camera with Instant GPS, WiFi and APP Support

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1080p Resolution kapturesThe Kapture KPT-910 features a 155º Ultra Wide angle lens kapturing your complete field of view in razor sharp full high definition 1080p quality. The intelligent KPT-910 simultaneously records your speed and location along with your dash cam footage.

Using the Kapture KPT-910 App and built in WiFi you can connect your KPT-910 to your iOS or Android smart device to transfer and view your recorded video and GPS map playback on screen at the same time, instantly!

The Kapture KPT-910 App available for your iOS and Android smartphone or device is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

  • 1080p Resolution: kaptures your trip in full highdefinition recording all details on the road
  • GPS Logger: Track your speed and location. Playback on Google maps
  • Wifi: allows wireless connectivity to your Android or iOS powered smart device
  • Instant GPS: Playback via our Kapture KPT-910 App displays your DVR footage, GPS location and speed live on your smart device
  • 155° ultra wide angle lens: kaptures more in your field of view than the average dash cam
  • Remote control: included to wirelessly snap pictures when needed
  • Dual USB Car Adapter: Includes spare USB port for convenient charging of other USB devices in your car
  • G Sensor: detects when there is an impact on your vehicle and saves the footage so it is not recorded over
  • Discreet Design: allows the camera to be hidden behind your rear view mirror

The KPT-910 comes with the following accessories:

  • 1 x KPT-910 Dash Camera
  • 1 x GPS Mount
  • 1 x Windscreen Bracket
  • 1 x Snapshot Remote
  • 1 x Dual USB Socket Power Adaptor
  • 1 x 3.5m Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

*World’s smallest 1080p Dash Cam with instant GPS playback & WiFi