Parkmate PTS400M7-F Front Parking Sensors

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Front Sensor System with Slim Line Dual Colour Display with Automatic Radio Mute

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This Front parking Sensor System comes with a Ulta-Slim LED Display that offers precise detection using digital sensing technology that uses real-time feedback and sophisticated Digial Sensor Processor to provide the fastest and most accurate detection possible. The slim display can be mounted on top of the rearview mirror or on the dashboard.

The kit features audible beep alerts with an adjustable volume setting High/Low and Off. Another great feature this kit offers is Intelligent detection, this teachers the sensors to ignore fixed objects such as metal bars with spotlights etc. Also this system is great when pulling in or out of tight spaces.

While in reverse, the two outer front sensors remain ON to monitor the corners of the vehicle so that when the vehicle is turning into a space the driver knows how much room they have between the vehicle and any obstruction. While moving forward, all front sensors are ON whilst foot brake is applied. Last but not least the self test feature reassures the kit is always working, this is performed automatically upon starting the vehicle.

  • Voltage Input: 9~16V DC
  • Display range: 0.3~2.5m
  • Front Detection Range: 0.3~1m
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  • Beeper SPL: 70~90dB
  • Intelligent detection for towbar/spare wheel
  • Beep Volume Adjustable High/low/Off
  • Self test function