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1CH – FHD 1920×1080@60Frame
• 2.9M SONY STARVIS Images Sensor(IMX291)
• Dual Core A7-V3 CPU embedded
• 142 degrees wide viewing angle
• Built-in voltage control(uninterrupted power) : prevent battery discharge
• Wi-Fi function
• Format Free (Auto recovery system)
• 34 kind of voice guidance and high quality voice recording


IROAD recording technology with Sony STARVUS image sensor is records at 60 frames recording (60 photos/s). In addition, This technology supports sharp images especially when high-speed driving.


Stable, all new concept file format

JDR format, the next generation format system after AVI and MP4 format, is applied to improve the security of saved data.
Recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit and it is much safer than previously used format
JDR format does not require deleting the whole files in a memory card regularly, whereas other existing in-car cameras do require it.
Automatic rebooting function which IROAD A9 provides guarantees the safety of the device and its saved data.

Saved recordings auto recovery function

Keep saved data safe with automatic recovery function.
Damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files are automatically recovered once a SD memory card is reinserted into the camera.
JDR format recordings can be played via PC dedicated viewer and Smartphone. (unable to run on normal media players). JDR files can be converted into AVI format from the viewer and Smartphone application.