Alpine HCE-C91C Rear View Camera


Rear View Camera

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The HCE-C91C is an all-new reverse camera, providing a clear view of obstacles such as pedestrians, other vehicles and obstructions behind the vehicle.

Featuring an angled design, the HCE-C91C can be installed with a factory look, while still offering maximum visibility. Automatic white balance adjustment and excellent low light performance make the HCE-C91C perfect for both day and night use. Plus, the 100° horizontal viewing angle means you can see a wide area, for maximum safety and maneuverability.

Designed for easy installation, the HCE-C91C has compact wiring with no black box, meaning only power and video connections are required.

  • Composite RCA Connection
  • Easy Installation Wiring
  • Automatic White Balance Adjustment
  • Mirror Image (NTSC)
  • Mounting Hardware Included