Parkmate Reverse Cameras

Parkmate cameras can save your vehicle from incident or in extreme cases, be a truly lifesaving device. When coupled with a Parkmate monitor, areas external to your vehicle that are not visible to you including directly behind your vehicle, below the rear windshield, in typical over the shoulder blind spots and even in front of your vehicle and low to the ground come back into your field of view and can be negotiated safety, thereby protecting your investment and your family. An average of one child per week is either killed or injured by reversing vehicles at home in Australia, a statistic that could be significantly reduced with a Parkmate camera and monitor installed.

Parkmate MCPK-43BG Reverse Camera & Monitor

Parkmate MCPK-43BG Reverse Mirror & Mini Camera Pack

This mirror monitor is perfect where a factory replacement mirror is not suited or easy to fit to your car. The mirror monitor attaches to the existing rear-view mirror using a clip on method and features an embedded 4.3” high resolution LCD monitor that automatically switches to display the rear camera image when reverse gear Read more about Parkmate MCPK-43BG Reverse Mirror & Mini Camera Pack[…]

Parkmate RVK-50 Reverse Camera

Parkmate RVK-50 5.0″ Reverse Monitor & Camera Package

Take the guess work out of reversing. Easy to install 5.0” monitor and integrated reversing camera system. 5.0” Monitor Features: Dash mount 5.0” monitor High brightness digital LCD panel Dual video inputs for rearview camera and AUX video Auto activation upon reverse gear engagement Wide Angel Rearview Camera Features: Digital colour camera Super mini design Read more about Parkmate RVK-50 5.0″ Reverse Monitor & Camera Package[…]

Parkmate CMD-12N

Parkmate CMD12N Digital CMOS Reverse Camera

This versitile camera offers a choice of mounting options with either a bracket mount or a flush mount (bumper fit). It comes with a minature connector which allows it to be routed easily through tight spots. Easily Installs on bottom of boot lids, lip mounts – generally found above number plates, in bumpers & van Read more about Parkmate CMD12N Digital CMOS Reverse Camera[…]

Parkmate CDD-28KN Reverse Camera

Parkmate CDD28KN HD Colour CMOS Reverse Camera

This high definition camera offers great picture quality, the image is better than a digital CMOS camera and almost as good as CCD camera. It features a wide angle lens that captures blind spots where a standard rearview mirror will not pick up. Constructed in a metal Square Body for durability & longevity, c/w a Read more about Parkmate CDD28KN HD Colour CMOS Reverse Camera[…]


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